Maleficient Halloween Costumes Popular for 2014

Maleficent is one of the more popular Halloween costumes this year according to a story from Syracuse New York.

Reporter Katrina Tulloch reviews reports from numerous retailers about their top selling costumers. The National Retail Federal released a list of costumes, national costume seller Spirit Halloween was interviewed, and so was local store Dougherty’s Masquerade. Dougherty’s is New York’s oldest and largest independent costume store.

Maleficent Costumes are apparently a big hit. Dougherty’s has to carry more than one type.

What people are looking for is a costume which includes both horns and wings.

On our Maleficent Costume page you will find numerous costumes currently available for immediate purchase.

Here are popular options to look for:

costume wings

This full figured customer for women has the classic horns on top of the head using a skull cap, and wings flowing out above the shoulders.

She is wearing black pants and a black bustier for additional effect.

When shopping for a costume you will most likely only be able to get the wings and horns. Pants and tops can be so size specific you are best to use something from your existing wardrobe.

Here is a closeup of the fabulous horns:

costume horns

For a cool accessory look for these fingerless gloves:

costume gloves

Shown in the picture are adult globes. You will see the gloves extend well beyond just the hand, but also encompass the wrist.

Also note Maleficent’s signature ring is included. It pops straight up from the finger.

Another costume accessory is her staff:

costume staff

The staff is long, adult-sized, at about four and one-half feet high. The end has a ball which lights up and glows. There is a button you push on the staff to turn the light on and off.

Maleficent Evil Queen Deluxe Costume

This costume is known as the Evil Queen Deluxe costume. It does not have horns or wings. Instead, it features a black and purple velvet dress with gold trim. The dress has a high slight to above the knee. The purple is on the front of the dress and shaped to accentuate the female figure of hips and breasts.

costume evil queen

There is a gold crown for the head, a rope belt, and a collar which stays up.

Black lace sleeves and collar complete the look.

Maleficent Deluxe Costume

Another “deluxe” costume. This one, however, we do not like at all:

costume deluxe

The black, purple, and reddish tunic could be a costume for anyone. The foam horns barely look like horns.

The concept for the costume is a great idea for anyone not wanting to fit into some tiny outfit shown by a model with an unrealistic body. But the coloring and rounded horns do not look great.

The question is … will anyone know you are Maleficent when wearing this costume?

Maleficent Christening Gown

This is a great costume, even though it does not come with wings:

costume gown

Note: this costume does not include the staff shown in the picture. That is an additional accessory.

This great costume exudes evil. It is a wonderful Maleficent look. The headpiece has curved hornes.

The brooch in the middle of the bosom of the black dress is detachable.

What really makes this costume are the shoulders. Very sharp. Very cool. This is a memorable costume.

Maleficent costumes and accessories currently for sale are listed on our costume page.

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