Maleficent Statue

bust lifesize This lifesized bust of Maleficent, modeled after Angelina Jolie, will either impress or scare anyone who sees it, with its bright red lips, chiseled cheeks, and piercing eyes. statue goo Maleficent, with Diablo on her shoulder, appears to be readying herself to cast a spell. She is shown seemingly coming out of her fiery green goo. The figure is nice sized at about fourteen and one-half inches tall. It is not small, but also not so large you cannot find a great place for it. jim shore statue Made by Jim Shore (more on his page) this popular statue is a little less than eight inches high. Very colorful and detailed, if you are looking for a gift or collectible of this type you cannot go wrong with this choice. statue 300 As you can tell from this Disney Store box, only 300 of these wonderful statues were made. It is a very limited edition showing Maleficent reaching out towards the heavens with her staff. The fine detailing of her outfit is exquisite, and so is her face. Expensive and limited, but a real find if you can get one.