Maleficent Snow Globe

snowglobe Now this is a snowglobe! Very popular this one is, so don't expect to find it for cheap. Maleficent is standing with her staff, on top of which is Diable the crow (some say he is a raven). Within the snow globe is Maleficent's other self - the dragon. Definitely not your ordinary snow globe. It is about four and one-quarter inches tall. snowglobe dragon Here is the reversal. Now the dragon is standing outside and Maleficent is inside the snow globe. This globe featuring the dragon, unlike the one for Maleficent, is also musical. snowglobe villains The villains snowglobe features many of Disney's bad characters. Maleficent is one, but she is not the main focus. This item is good if you are interested in all the villains. If you are only interested in Maleficent then this should not be at the top of your buying list. snowglobe maleficent Here is a classic snow globe featuring Maleficent. She is holding her trusty staff. If you look below the globe, on the outside of the base you will also see the Diablo bird character. Made by Enesco, this is a musical globe and it is large at about six inches.