Maleficent Shoes

shoes horns Wow. Where to begin? You either absolutely love these shoes or hate them with a passion. Either way, they are an attention getter. Black and green on the outside, with some purple trim and purple insoles. The back and toes are both curved. But check out those horns on both sides. Have you ever seen anything like this before? These could be super fun shoes to wear when the time is right. Not just on Halloween. We saw these described as the Cobbler Evil Wicked Shoe. Sounds like a good name. shoes horns box There is a card inside the shoe box and this is what it says:
Evil, Wicked & Fabulous. Maleficent, the evil queen from Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty, stops at nothing to ruin the happiness of young Princess Aurora. Everything about her appearance exudes villainy, including this artistic interpretation of her shoe.
shoes bell bottom We saw these and thought, do they make bell bottom shoes? These runway shoes were sold at Disney Parks. Not our favorites, but maybe yours. The yellow color is bright and there are purple crystals lining the front toe. The heel, of this very high heeled shoe, sprouts horns so you know this is something Maleficent might wear.