Maleficent Movie Posters

On this post we will be collecting pictures of different posters for the movie Maleficent. This includes official and unofficial posters.

Posters available to purchase today are on our poster page.

For example, to kick this off, here is a poster for the movie showing at the DeVries Theater at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio.

poster cedarville

Not surprisingly, the movie is being shown in Halloween. There are three showings happening all evening long.

Maleficent has piercing green eyes, dark red lips, and is otherwise clothed in black.

poster shoulder

This Disney movie poster shows Angelina Jolie looking over her shoulder. She could give Darth Vader a run for his movie about who has the baddest and blackest outfit.

poster jolie

This poster shows Maleficent front and center. Everyone else in her world is secondary, such as Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. The Prince is shown with his head down, as it should be for what he did in clipping Maleficent’s wings. Angelina Jolie looks the part of someone looking for revenge.

poster wings

This poster is all about the wings. A big oversized, but black and imposing.

poster classic

A classic movie poster for theatres, you can’t miss Jolies red lips. As in blood red. And she doesn’t look happy!

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