Maleficent Jim Shore

Jim Shore is an award winning artist who looks a bit like a modern day Wyatt Earp. jim shore His pieces are quality, vibrant and colorful, and his designs are highly sought after. Shore does many designs for Disney, and that includes the Maleficent character. jim shore statue Jim Shore created this fabulous piece for the Disney Couture de Force Collection. She is shown in a black robe with purple inner lining. She is carrying her trusty staff with a bright blue crystal on the end. She has a pensive look like she is about to do something - such as casting an evil spell. jim shore wicked Three and one-half inches in size, this Wicked Inspirational Word Plaque comes from the Inspirational Word Collection. Jim Shore has created several of these words, and the Wicked is the one he chose to be associated with Maleficent. She is shown with Diablo, the crow, on her shoulder.