Maleficent Jewelry

There is a lot of fun and interesting jewelry. You can wear it well beyond Halloween. Here a couple pieces that have caught our eye, and below you will find listings showing what you can buy today. jewelry brooch This is a rare and hard to find crystal brooch. Two and one-half inches and two and one-quarter inches in size, you can tell a lot of work went into setting the crystals so that the Maleficent character is recognizable. jewelry box This mini trinket box or jewelry box is hand painted and made of resin. There are raised images or prints on the lid of the box (which has a magnetic top), sides and also on the back. The box may have originally only been sold at the Disney Parks and can sometimes now be found online. jewelry dragon We really like this matching pendant and keychain showing the dragon. They are double sided so even if they flip over it does not matter. Everyone will always see your dragon.