Maleficent Figurine

figurine huge This impressive figurine stands thirty inches tall. Wow. From the Disney Villains collection this piece also has an acrylic display cover to keep dust off Maleficent while she practices her spells. This type of collectible is an attention stopper no matter where you put it. Everyone you know will be impressed. figurine slideshow Only 250 of these were made by Slideshow. It shows Maleficent sitting in a large green throne. Her trusty staff is in one hand and on the other side is her pet crow, Diablo. Her staff lights up, although this requires a couple batteries. Large - this throne piece weighs an amazing thirty-four pounds and is thirty-inches high! figurine dragon Oh yeah, check out the dragon! Only 1350 were made of this piece titled "And Now You Will Deal With Me". It comes from the Walt Disney Classics Collection. This treasure should come with a certificate of authority signed by Kent Melton, who sculpted this incredible collectible. The dragon is about ten inches tall, and a little more than thirteen inches long and eleven inches wide. It is impressive.