Maleficent Dragon

Dragons are always popular and you will find a wide variety of Maleficent dragon products on this page. dragon bust This dragon bust will make an impressive statement anywhere you put it! Made of resin, the bust is only eight and three-quarters inches high, so it will fit about anywhere. Depicted is Maleficent, who in a rage has transformed herself into a dragon who is prepared to lead a fiery charge in a battle against Prince Phillip. dragon plush This dragon plush is very popular, as you probably imagine. The seven inch Dragon plush was an exclusive at Disney stores and now can generally only be found online. dragon pin Disney sells packs of random pins where you don't know what character or pin you will get until you open the package. Instead of wasting a lot of money trying to get a dragon, just buy the dragon pin. As you can see it looks great! dragon necklace This dragon necklace or pendant makes quite the statement. Great for Halloween or for kids who want to wear a dragon around their neck. The pendant size is two inches by two inches.