Maleficent Doll

There are quite a few Maleficent dolls. Here are a couple that caught our attention and then further below is a huge selection you can buy from today. doll classic This classic doll is about thirteen inches long and shows what you want: black and purple, horns on her head, with an evil look. doll royal coronation Here Maleficent is shown while she still has wings. This doll is called Royal Coronation. Although she has horns, her hair is flowing and she does not look quite as evil as she does after her wings have been clipped off. There are golden accents on the black wings. The doll is a shade under a foot tall. doll designer This doll is part of the Disney designer collection. It does show a stylish looking Maleficent. Great for collectors. Otherwise, perhaps a little too stylish and not our favorite as we want evil looking Maleficent dolls. Not pretty ones with long eye lashes. There are more dolls shown on our Barbie page.