Maleficent Costume

costume wings What's not to love about this sexy Maleficent costume? Actually, what is being sold are the wings and horns, and you are on your own for providing the outfit. But if you have the outfit this is a stunning example of what you could put together this Halloween. costume-gown This could be the perfect Maleficent costume. An incredible full length outfit / dress with amazing shoulder pads. If you can call them pads. What do you call them? Shoulder horns? They match the horns on her head. Pure black and elegant at the same time. You may like this so much you wear all year long! Make sure you take pictures this Halloween. The staff is an accessory you will want to be looking for. Added props can really spice up the effects for a costume. costume evil queen Another good one, this Evil Queen costume is black and purple with lots of lace. The apple is not included, but what a great prop! Make sure you have an apple matching your lipstick and nail polish, and invite all the little trick or treaters to take a bite. You might save some candy for yourself as they run away!