Maleficent Barbie

Help us confirm which Dolls on this page are official Barbie dolls and which are merely Barbie sized and marketed as Barbe dolls. barbie This double Barbie set from the 2014 movie features both Maleficent and Aurora. Maleficent is wearing a black and gold short-sleeved dress. Her hair is up in horns and while her mouth has bright red lipstick she is not smiling. Aurora, on the other hand, is smiling and dressed in white and light blue, with flowing golden hair. barbie villians barbie villians closeup barbie villians crow This doll from the Disney Villians collection shows Maleficent. From the pictures you will see an accessory of a crow perched on top of a crystal ball on the end of her staff. Maleficent is wearing a wonderful black and velvet gown that is trimmed in royal purple. The flowing neck piece helps make the image. With her detailed eyes she certainly looks evil. barbie royal coronation This set is called Royal Coronation. It features Maleficent and Diaval. This unique doll shows Maleficent while she still had wings. She also has horns on her head in addition to flowing brown locks. The back of the box begins: "Enter the world of Disney's Maleficent and discover the untold story of Disney's most iconic villain."