Maleficent Art

There is always a steady stream of new and cool art featuring Maleficent. On this page we will feature a few that caught our eye to give you some ideas. Then below we have listings of art pieces you can get today to add spice to your home or office. art wall Wow. Can you say breathtaking? Imagine this massive piece of wall art in your home or office. Important: if you see something like this make sure it is huge and wonderful, and you are not being tricked by someone selling a two feet by two feet poster and placing a computer image over a couch deceptively making it look six feet by six feet. Pay attention to what you are buying! mug mug inside This ceramic mug is tres cool. Dishwasher safe and also microwave safe. The outside has a nice picture of Maleficent holding a poison red apple. The extra touches make this one desirable to get. On the inside of the mug is a gold imprint stating Art of Aurora. The handle of the mug is magnificent, with crow wings popping up to provide an extra dimension. The handle really makes this mug a work of art. art drawing This simple drawing of Maleficent could have been drawn by anyone. Maybe an art student. But it wasn't. The drawing is embossed with the Disney mark and personally signed by a Disney artist. This is what makes art - art. The drawing has instant value. art sketch By comparison this Maleficent sketch was done by artist Robert Paul Banham. While also a professional artist, you may be asking who? Nothing against Robert Paul Banham, but for this type of art you are looking for (1) eye candy you absolutely love and it really doesn't matter who made it, (2) an up and coming artist you hope will someday become famous, or (3) an artist known to the inner art world, even if not known to the mass public, and his or her art pieces will have continuing value.