Maleficent Action Figure

Here are some action figures we have found, with those currently available today listed below. actionfigure dark beauty This Disney action figure is called Dark Beauty. Released in 2014 it is about eleven and one-half inches tall. Maleficent is shown in a black and glittering gown with large horns. It has a fairly realistic depiction of Angelina Jolie as the mistress of evil. You will see Jolie also adorns the front of the box. action figure funko Funko makes this vinyl action figure. It is squat and about four inches high. Black and white, with an oversized head featuring sharply defined red lips. This is a fun little item. There is also a matching Aurora figure: action figure funko aurora But here at the evil Maleficent site we don't care about her goody-goody Aurora here! action figure funko cupcake For even more fun Funko make this cupcake keepsake in 2013. Only three inches high, the collectible features a frosting lid which opens up so you can put inside of it various cupcake pieces. You will see in the picture it also has a display pedestal to show her off. The kids will love it. A great excuse to make Maleficent cupcakes. action figure robe This action figure was released in 2014. Unless you are a serious collectible desiring every Maleficent collectible out there (and who isn't?!) pass on this one. Nondescript, with a huge dress / robe that hides the doll, it does come with a sword and pink stand so you can stand it up. action figure robe closeup As you can see in this close up view, the detail and coloring of the action figure are actually very well done and defined. There is texture, the lips and nice, and the eyes are multi-colored. Still, we can not get over the big dress covering up this piece.