Maleficent Cookie Jar

Two things you need to know:

First, Maleficent cookie jars are some of the most beautiful collectibles you can own.

Second, they sell fast and are hard to find. At time we have nothing to show on this page. If you see a jar and like it, consider grabbing it because it may be awhile before you see it again. If ever.

Here are some great cookie jars we have seen:

cookie jar villains

This is the villains cookie jar. On the front is Maleficent. She is joined by the Evil Queen and behind them, in the middle, is Ursula.

The magic mirror is shown on the front of the jar. Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the evilest one of all?

cookie jar villains

cookiejar villains

This is another cookie jar featuring the same three Disney villains. Maleficent’s crow sits on top of the lid.

The cookie jar is thirteen inches tall and nine inches wide. It is a big size! The jar itself is a castle wall with the villains being placed around it.

cookie jar dragon

cookie jardragon

The dragon jar. One side features Maleficent with her arms out stretched. The other side features the dragon.

The cookie jar is hand painted and made of ceramic. Only 350 were made so finding one can be difficult. The size of the jar is 9 inches by 10 inches by 14 inches.

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Dragon Sleeping Beauty 2 Sided Cookie Jar Limited Edition 350


Auctions Dragon Figure Turnabout Cookie Jar LE350 HTF c

Trivia: Maleficent thought she would be queen but was betrayed by Stefan thus turning her to evil.


disney villains cookie jar

New listing. Get this Maleficent Cookie Jar before others find it.




Villains cookie jar- Ursula, & Evil Queen w/original packaging


Cookie Jar Villains Ursula Evil Queen Rare Vintage Collectable


Cookie Jar Villains Ursula Evil Queen Rare Vintage Collectible

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